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Abril 18, 2023

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BEST GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE ON ONLYFANS (most likely, no way to know for sure🤣) Don’t forget to turn on your rebill for free pussy every week!! 🐱 FULL DISCLOSURE OF WHAT TO EXPECT! 🌸Dm for free explicit welcome video! 🌸Very interactive/GFE 🌸 High-Quality Nudes all day, every day 🌸Sexting is available (but at a higher cost as it requires my full attention) 🌸Very limited number of Ads (I know they’re not fun so I keep it to a minimum) 🌸I try to log on as much as I can throughout the day to chat but I’m only human, let me live🤣 Turn on your subscription for constant nudes, a juicy butterfly pussy to die for and the odd feature of my cats Remi and Basil!🐱(im a bit of a crazy cat lady but love to get any pics of your pets too!!) IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: 👍🏼SEXUALISATION = Sexualising me is okay, on this platform I give consent for you to do that, I’m here to be sexy, fun and sensual. 👎🏼OBJECTIFICATION = OH HELL NO! I’m a person (woow believe it or not) … So please treat me as such

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